Guake does not show tab bar

I’ve installed Guake (Yakuake-like terminal for Gnome) from the one-click repository on this site.
When I “call” it to roll down, there is no tab bar, whilst I’ve seen on screenshots that there should be (in order to easily open/close/switch tabs)

Anyone knows why, and how can I do to solve this?

I can’t help with Guake, but as a Gnome user, the KDE4 version of yakuake works fine for me. Have you tried it?

Yeah, I used to use Yakuake for KDE3 on Gnome once, but I’d rather avoid installing all those KDE dependencies just for Yakuake…

Ok, I think I win the prize for the most idiotic problem ever posted on the forums :slight_smile:
The easy solution was in the ‘preferences’: I had probably unchecked by mistake the option “show tab bar”, without noticing.
Now it’s gone back to the normal behavior.