GTK Styles & Fonts tab in KDE4 system settings

Hi there,

For some unknown reason I have two ‘GTK Styles & Fonts’ tabs in my KDE4
system settings thingy.

Its not too much of a problem as they both work & I actually don’t
really go in there much - whatever I choose in there, firefox still
looks totally out of place.

It does bother me every time I see it though, and I wonder if there is
a way to remove one of them? I see there is something in software
management about a kcm gtk styles module. Can I just remove it? I want
at least one there though…

OpenSuse 11.0, KDE4 from the 11.0 factory repos. All up-to-date
according to Yast as of 21/01/09. Did start with a clean .kde4 when I
updated from the 11.0-installed KDE4 (4.0.4?) to factory.

Edit, and from left field: Is YaST in KDE4 a GTK app? Is there a QT
version if it is?

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