GTK-Qt engine can not be found

Some of the most important apps in openSUSE look pretty ugly (Firefox, Writer, GIMP), I found out that I need to use the GTK Styles and Fonts in the KDE Control Centre. But no matter what theme I select those apps don’t change at all.

In the Change Search Paths dialogue in GTK Styles and Fonts it says:

The control center module could not find GTK-Qt engine in its list of search paths. If you have installed it elsewhere, you will need to add the correct path to the list below.

I have the following paths in the list:


Is the GTK-Qt engine located somewhere else?
Or do I need to install anything else?

I have openSUSE 11.1 with KDE4.

Thank you very much for any help.


You probably are seeing something like ?

Actually no, it looks like the first one:

I don’t think my problem is related to that bug, but thanks for your help.

Well, I don’t really know too much about GTK-Qt Engine. But here is the situation…
You have a package available at KDE:Community OBS repo, but it’s the Qt3 version. A kde4-gtk-qt-engine package exists at KDE:KDE4:Community, but doesn’t builds for 11.1 (it’s available for 11.0)… you can open a bug report or fix it yourself if you know how to use the openSUSE Build Service.

Both kcm_gtk and kde4-kcm_gtk packages are built from gtk-qt-engine, but it’s specifically patched to not build gtk-qt-engine itself… only kcm_gtk. And all references to GTK-Qt Engine are removed… the fact that you can see the “The control center module could not find GTK-Qt engine in its list of search paths…” message is a bug… isn’t removed because someone forgot to.
I don’t know why openSUSE decided to remove GTK-Qt Engine from the official repo, you will need to ask in the opensuse-kde mailing list to know.

If GTK-Qt Engine purpose is to make GTK apps look like Qt ones… well, I already have that (see attachment #262418). And isn’t ugly to me.
I expect that if you install the kde4-gtk-qt-engine package you will get the same, or something very similar.

If I change the theme in “GTK Styles and Fonts”… it really changes. A hidden “.gtkrc-2.0-kde4” file is created in my home folder to do so. I don’t know why that fails to you (you tried all themes? some of them are very similar… “Redmond” is clearly different).

Thank you very much for the explanation and help RedDwarf. It appears that the themes were changing, but the changes were quite subtle. However, it appears the thing I’m having a problem with is the menu fonts in Firefox (and OOo and GIMP). The File/Edit/View menus and the bookmarks. The text just doesn’t seem to be as sharp and clear as they are under Windows.

Is there anyway I can change the font that is used for that?

Here si what I have found (at least in KDE 3.5.xx)

KCM-GTK does nto seem to work. Any changes applied do nto make one bit of difference in GTK apps (I am using QTcurve).

Uninstalling KCM-GTK and replacing it with GTK-QT you can make changes that will work in GTK apps. However, the problem here is in applications like Firefox you get dirty buttons - they dont’ quite work properly - has been like this for some time)

But - if you then uninstall GTK-QT and reinstall KCM-GTK - the KCM_GTK package now works.

This is the same for me in Opensuse 11.0 and Opensuse 11.1 on several machines - tested and confirmed exact same behaviour.

Thanks very much for you help, I’ve managed to get the GTK look reasonable now, so everything is quite a bit smoother.

Thanks again :slight_smile: