GTK just doesn't install, can't get a theme to work. (XFCE)

Hey, new Linux user here and I got openSUSE. What I want to do is install the Windows XP Royale Dark theme on XFCE, but it’s been a huge headache. I can’t even get GTK to install properly, something about “ruby” application not allowing me to, can’t install KDE Connect because of that either. I got the Royale Dark theme to work at least, but the entire panel test is black and I have no idea how to change it to white, it’s almost unreadable.

update: got the GTK3 installer with YaST to work, but it only installed it partially due to some error. The panel is all messed up too with any theme - the clock, tray and menu sections are popping out of the panel like they are too big.

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