GTK Apps odd

Hi, there is an issue i have with GTK apps in general.

(, on Flickr
This the saving window from Gimp.

And here a loading screen.
(, on Flickr

What can cause this behavior? I am kinda puzzled. This is only happening with gtk apps and not kde.
I do run current KDE 4.6 on OpenSuse 11.4 (64). The system has a Nvidia gfx card and the current Nvidia drivers.
Perhaps thats normal, i don’t know. Its just seems so oversized. Or is this a bug?

Anyone? I am just interested in to know if its a setting or bug (so i can file it).


Not really sure what the problem is from the pics, other than the width of the dialog perhaps?

Yes, that is the problem, if it is a problem.

I noticed that only my gtk apps are doing that under kde. Kde app have a normal windows, where the gtk is stretched.

No idea really, but you could check the dialog window advanced properties, where custom size can be set (or erased).

You get there by right-clicking the title bar>advanced>special window configuration.

ah, i will try that. Perhaps that will do it.
Its just so inconvenient to have such a large window.

Just to let you know.

It did work as described. It would be nice if that would be automatic if you know what i mean. But that works too. At least its not huge anymore.