GTK Apps killikg the connection

Hi There
This is a strange issue that is driving me crazy since a long time
I am starting only now to understand at least what is causing the problem

That’s simple, no matter if i connect remotely trough freeNX or VNC remote administration, when i start a yast gtk module the connection is closed.

First it was happening when starting yast while it was configured to use the gtk interface, then i switched to qt and i could use most of the modules but when i try to start any of the XEN Virtualization tools the session is being closed. The connection just drop.

Same if i try to start a Gnome desktop instead of starting a kde session

What can it be?

Just a thought,

Have you updated your system?
I checked recently, and Apper now is configured by default to update rather than patch (Yay for most Users, but an important thing to know if you have application stability concerns), so you <should> be updated but the following will double-check your system.

$ zypper up


Yay tsu2, system updated. It’s an headless server updated solely via zypper and yast. I must say i have updated it from a 11.4 system via the technique described in that page:

I also tried to create new user and login remotely with that (VNC and FreeNX) but the result is the same, once a start a GTK app the connection will die…

On 12/18/2012 06:46 PM, gattotrino wrote:
> Yay tsu2, system updated. It’s an headless server updated solely via
> zypper and yast. I must say i have updated it from a 11.4 system via the
> technique described in that page:

the words update and upgrade are different here…you update the
software of a version until you want to move to a new version and then
you upgrade to that new version…

so you upgraded 11.4 to what? 12.1?

and, why on a headless server are you running either gtk or qt??
traditionally servers, especially the headless ones have no X and not
DE…perhaps that is your problem, you are trying to work in a
Windows-like environment on a Linux server without that kind of
environment installed ??

tell me, has this server ever been able to do what you now can’t do?
that is, did you set the machine up on 11.4? did you install a DE? and
did it work for a while as you are now trying to make it work?


12.2, sorry for the imprecise detail

Well, i used it before. I use it to remote login to a DE. It doesn’t need to have X running to create a NX session or a VNC remote administration session. Problem is that it was a gnome environment that has now, after upgrading to 12.2, also KDE installed (i prefer KDE)

Yep. But before it was usually used starting straight to gnome (to gdm when using VNC, straight to gnome desktop when on FreeNX), now when i try to start any gtk based thing, even a gnome session from the start like before, the connection dies. Qt things works well.

On 12/18/2012 08:36 PM, gattotrino wrote:
> the connection dies.

i don’t understand where the “XEN Virtualization” fits in, is 12.2
running in a VM?..and what OS is working on the box you contact the
server from, and is it running in a VM also…

well, i have zero idea exactly what is killing your connection but my
first thought would be your system is well and fully murdered by the
upgrade…there is NO direct upgrade path from 11.4 to 12.2 (without
stopping at 12.1 and do a full update as described in and and THEN
upgrade from 12.1 to 12.2)

to successfully upgrade directly from 11.4 to 12.2 requires the
procedure here using an install DVD, and a
lot of luck and paying attention…

there is, no way to know how much old code from 11.4 (or before) is
still on board and mucking up the works…

oh, and i guess 11.4 had GNOME 2 and 12.2 has GNOME 3 and those two are
like night and day different…so.

i’d recommend you save off the data and do a full fresh install of 12.2

and, next time someone suggests an update, run YaST Online Update or do
a “zypper patch” (not ‘up’, not ‘dup’)

that is my opinion–you may find other opinions that you would rather
hear (because you don’t wanna format install), but i’m nearly positive a
fresh install is gonna be the shortest/quickest route to stable and
working with smiles…

and, if this is true: “It doesn’t need to have X running to create a NX
session or a VNC remote administration session.” then do not elect to
install X or any desktop, just select other/text mode on the desktop
selection page during the install…

doing so will close possible attack vectors as well as release system
resources to do what is needed, serving.

if the new install also drops the connection (which i would not expect,
not at all) i’d suspect the networking is set up wrongly or there is
some kind of VM problem.


No, i meant when from yast2 (Qt interface) you try to run any of the Virtualization tools (that are GTK).
Opensuse is the sole operating system on the box.

Yes, that’s why before it was working and now is not. Can be anything from the GTK Asking for a compositing window manager (Wich i know kde’s kwin is aware of a way to stop automatically it’s compositing capabilities when not needed) to an old auth file broken or misplaced or something alike

You can fresh install without a DE and thus without X, but calling an install of any DE pattern will automatically install X.

I’m ongoing checking versions of the package one-by-one. Removing and adding all the repos and then re-zypper-dupping the system
I’ll report the results