Gstreamer updates - is it not odd to get at least ONE update per day for this????

I am about to dump gstreamer and all of its bits down the crapper and just do without.

I have received two updates in the last 18 hours for this thing, and at least one per day since I installed it some fifteen days ago. Is it THAT broken that it requires being bloody re-installed (in essence) every day of the world??

Wrong Forum. As this is just a rant, it is being moved. Thread closed and moving.

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OK, but it was the best guess I could make. “Wrong” it may very well be but “Right” is more than “obscure.” Frankly it’s bloody opaque. Enlighten me, oh forum gurus. Prithee sirrah, where SHOULD it go?

Also, “rant” it may be but the query is still valid. One to two updates a day? Is the thing THAT unstable??

As long as 90% of your posts is no technical information about what you did/have with a clear technical question, but uttered frustration, you may be glad that it is only seen as Soapbox and not removed at all.

I update twice a week. I don’t have to update immediately.

The chances are that “gstreamer” itself did not change, but it had to be recompiled because of a change to some library that it depends on.

Tumbleweed or LEAP 15? Because here on LEAP 42.3 the last gstreamer update was ay least 3 weeks ago, probably more.

Dangerous thing to ask in a snotty manner. Read my mind at what my answer might be.>:)

Maybe you missed that this is in Soapbox?

No serious technical answers are expected here. Basically because there is no serious technical problem description rotfl!

I didn’t, obviously, but I was curious if this is a TB thing or something. I’ve seen this happen with youtubedownloader some time ago in oS 13.2 IINM, an update every other day, to the point that I blocked it on yast. Or perhaps the OP system is silently failing to update (improbable)?

It’s just idle speculation, feel free to disregard it. :slight_smile:

it’s about dependencies, large projects like gstreamer depend/use a lot of other projects
when there is a change in one of the upstream projects all packages using said project get rebuild with the new change hence build numbers are used
you can see that any opensuse package comes with a large numerical string for example
gstreamer-plugins-ugly-1.12.5-lp150.1.1.x86_64.rpm (the lp150 is a new addition meaning it’s a leap 15.0 package)
the string includes the version number 1.12.5 and the build number 1.1 when ever something upstream is changed and the package rebuild the build number will increase and you will be notified of an update
a lot of multimedia packages get rebuild daily and I usually get a few dozen packman updates on my Leap box every day most of them are identical to the packages they replace as they’re just new builds of the same code