Gstreamer ugly plugin installation hangs in "transcode"

Added Packman Repos** Index of /pub/linux/packman/suse/12.2 **in order to be able to play WMA’s. Installation goes fine until it hits the last step, which is installing “transcode”, at which point all HDD activity stops and the progress bar just bounces from one side to the other. It’s been doing this for quite a while and I’m about to the point of canceling it but don’t want to screw up my system. I have absolutely no idea how to troubleshoot Linux so I’m at a bit of a loss here.

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So I have not had such a problem with openSUSE 12.2 now at RC1, but as a new to Linux person, why would you want to mess with pre-release software? I kind of wonder if you might do better with openSUSE 12.1? I have a bash script called mmcheck that can determine if your multimedia is setup properly you can find here (just updated for openSUSE 12.2): MMCHECK - Version 2.45 - Check Your Multimedia in 16 Steps - Bash Script File - Blogs - openSUSE Forums, but I must be honest and say you might be better of dropping down to the latest stable released version of openSUSE which is 12.1

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I just figured that since 12.2 was in the RC stage, I might as well take a look at it. This is installed on a spare rig anyway, but considering installing it on my main PC once it goes final, providing I can get a good grasp of Linux. I can install it, use the software and understand adding repos, etc. What I don’t know is the steps to take to actually troubleshoot/repair an install without resorting to an erase/reload. Back to the gstreamer issue: Even though it sticks on “installing” the transcode component, everything appears to work and the YaST confirms the packages are there so I’m going to assume its a bug with YaST? I will perform the mmcheck when I get home tomorrow as you suggested to be sure. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

On 07/24/2012 04:26 AM, vram74 wrote:
> I just figured that since 12.2 was in the RC stage, I might as well take
> a look at it.

until you get past that “I have absolutely no idea how to
troubleshoot Linux” i’d suggest you not try to ‘fix’ problems
encountered with 12.2 RC1

just (as you say) “take a look at it” and then go back to a more stable
openSUSE 12.1 to learn how about Linux, and openSUSE…

the idea of testing software is to test it to find bugs that are then
reported so they can be fixed–not to come here and try to figure out
a way to make it work for you…

if you don’t know how 12.2 should look, behave and respond you have zero
capability to recognize if the problems you have is in the software or
not (maybe you are just using procedures you are used to in a Mac or
Windows machine–which often are wrong here)

do not worry, 12.1 is far advanced over anything you have run lately and
there is plenty of excitement there as well as an opportunity to learn
about Linux…and, then when most of the big 12.2 RC1 bugs are squashed
you probably be ready to have another look at 12.2 when final released…