gstreamer-plugins-vaapi broken in Tumbleweed 20151012

FYI, after updating to TW 20151012 Gnome 3.18 I was no more able to watch mp4 videos with Gnome Videos (Totem).
I found that uninstalling gstreamer-plugins-vaapi 0.6.0 from the Factory-OSS repo restored videos as usual.
The side effect is that, ironically, I have two graphic chips capable of video acceleration but have to resort to the CPU to play mp4 trailers :open_mouth:
BTW, many gstreamer codecs have been updated from the Packman essentials repo during the same zypper dup.

Apparently, with vaapi installed, the system is not able to find a drm driver to write to the active display.
The multiplex stream is successfully decoded and audio played without problems.
A screencast that doesn’t need video acceleration ( .webm file, VP9 codec) plays OK even with vaapi installed.

It would be interesting to know if something similar is happening to KDE users too.

UPDATE: seems a problem with Gnome-Videos (Totem) not writing to the correct video surface.
Gstreamer per se is OK, VA-API per se seems OK (Firefox plays .mp4 videos with video acceleration)
See bug 951150