GStreamer packages - why two different sets?

Why do we have two different sets of GStreamer packages on openSUSE? What is the difference between Packman packages and the ‘normal’ packages?
When should one install the Packman packages and when should one install the ‘normal’ packages.

Packman has some packages that are already available in default openSUSE or some Build Service… why? Well, who knows, Packman is an independent repository that can include whatever they want.

Some cases with a good know cause:

  • libxine: openSUSE package doesn’t supports patented codecs
  • gstreamer: same than libxine. Note that Packman includes an important gstreamer-0_10-ffmpeg package not available in official repos.
  • amarok: Packman version supports MP4 container
  • k3b: Packman version supports patented codecs (with k3b-codecs package)

Thanks for your response. At least now I know that there are differences between the two sets of packages.

I would certainly install the multi-media pkgs from Pacman repos if you want to hear/view most of what is available.