gstreamer libraries needed for kurento media server


I am trying to compile Kurento Media Server 6.14.x which is looking for:


I installed ‘gstreamer’ package, which only installed ‘’ with a symlink from ‘’ There are no other libraries. I also installed ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘ugly’ plugins. Even after that, I don’t see any of the libraries listed above.

What packages provide those libraries? Any help or information is appreciated.

When compiling you need the development packages… gstreamer is at 1.16 which is way greater…:wink:

zypper in gstreamer-devel

Now if you have the packman repo, then you need to ensure the development packages come from there.

@malcolmlewis, thank you, I checked and already have gstreamer-devel. I assume that means I have to change the repository for all the gstreamer packages from OpenSUSE to packman. Could you please confirm if I should do that?

**I seem to have the version gstreamer-1.16 even from Main Repository, yet I don’t see those libraries.

zypper info gstreamer-devel
Loading repository data…
Reading installed packages…

Information for package gstreamer-devel:

Repository : Main Repository
Name : gstreamer-devel
Version : 1.16.2-lp152.1.7
Arch : x86_64
Vendor : openSUSE
Installed Size : 5.3 MiB
Installed : Yes
Status : up-to-date
Source package : gstreamer-1.16.2-lp152.1.7.src

I would work with what you have for the moment, the version is hard coded in the CMakeLists.txt, you need to ask upstream as to why…

Thanks malcolmlewis. I downloaded the gstreamer version they tested with kurento and built it. It compiled and seems to have the libraries listed in that CMakeLists.txt. However, I think in addition to gstreamer, I need to download all plugins and compile them to progress further with kurento build. That is too much hassle. I wish OpenSUSE has packages for kurento media server (or any other comparable media server), like the Ubuntu has. I decided to just use kurento docker image. Problem solved.

Was wondering how you attempted to install kurento on openSUSE.

Skimming the documentation,
Looks like the main recommendation is to install as a docker container which is what you did.

Skimming the github repository, there is apparently an RPM repository. I don’t know if this should be recommended since it’s not presented as a recommended installation method, but it’s there… I’d expect if installed from this repository, your plugins problem would be addressed. Note that the instructions are for Fedora/CentOS, things like an epel repositiory are not necessary or ever should be installed on an openSUSE.

Or, did you really, actually try to build from source?
I didn’t find any instructions in the main Documentation but of course should be embedded in the source tree.

As for the gstreamer files,
I’d expect that those should be installed as described by your install, you should NOT install the development headers (-devel).
Typically apps are built to interface with the gstreamer plugins already, you shouldn’t have to modify the gstreamer plugins to fit the application.


The problem is the old version(s) of all those packages (and likely security issues), based on it using gstreamer 1.5 (we are at 1.16) one even wonders as to the security (yes it’s likely on a local network). I don’t understand why the developers want to stick with an old version…