GSCAN2PDF or SimpleScan can't access scanner - HP Laserprinter and scanner (netwrok printer/scanner)

I would think of firewall, but it shows it would be off, still wondering if it is somehow firewall related.

I have no problems with my printer or scanner anywhere else, Debian Gentoo or Ubuntu based distros are all working fine.

I installed HPLIPs and went into yast to add the printer and scanner.

But none of my scanning programs can access my network scanner.

Thanks to everyone trying to help



as root?

If you have hplip installed, you should have the HP Device Manager available. This has an option to discover network devices - the default is USB; so you may only need to change the scanning to network devices to locate it.

If you already have the printer running from hp-setup, on some models it’s needed to run YaST > Hardware > Scanner, see it detected, confirm and apps should detect the scanner. My HP needed that.