Grub2 won't install

I am trying to install OpenSuse 13.2 on another Dell computer. The machine is a GX620 and is a 32 bit machine. The first two partitions are a recovery and the next is windows XP. The XP partition is formatted as NTFS. The linux partitions the Linux installer created was an extended with the swap, root and home all formated in the default way. The install of Linux goes well until it has to install GRUB. At this step is gives general errors with nothing to say why the GRUB fails. I’ve tried various places where to install GRUB (MBR, Root partition, Extended partition) but to no avail.

This is on a friend’s machine and have to get the dual boot going. On the previous Dell machine was mine where I could get away from the GRUB problem by just having Linux on it. Not this time…

So what gives? And how do I get GRUB working on it?

Sounds like this:

So either try to use ext4 as root filesystem, or repartition the hard disk to have more space in front of the first partition.

Details: the 13.2 installer doesn’t support embedding grub2’s code into a btrfs partition, so it has to be put in the space between the MBR and the first partition. But if you partitioned your hard disk with Windows XP or earlier, there’s not enough space there.
This has been fixed meanwhile, the installer can put grub2 into btrfs partitions now, but the 13.2 installation ISOs still have the old version (and that won’t change).

OK, thank you for this! I will try your suggestions and let you know.

Well switching the root partition to EXT4 and setting GRUB to put it’s loader there worked. After installation I rebooted a few times and everything worked great. That is until after I put on maintenance. Now when it reboots after the BIOS messages it justs says “GRUB”.

Check to make certain your root partition has the boot flag set. If you need help with that, just ask.

Any partitioner should show you whether the flag is set there, and if not, should allow you to set it with the Boot flag. Some will refer to it as set boot partition, others may refer to it as Set Active Partition.

Thank you! I will give it a go tomorrow.

Yep, that worked! Thanks!