GRUB2 unable to boot (old) systems on EXT3?

Thanks. I had been thinking of trying 12.1 and 12.2.

This has also been an interesting reminder of the changes in openSUSE. Installing old versions (I only did a minimal X install) was fast because of “deploying images”. And those old versions did a first reboot using “kexec” instead of a full reboot. Fortunately, my network speed (for downloading iso images) is a lot faster than it was in those earlier times.

And it was even possible to install from LiveCDs… maybe “progress” is not always what it was meant to be? :smiley:

What makes you think it is not possible now?

It’s a different animal now, you get a NET install from LiveDVDs. With 12.x you simply copied images and files from the live system to the HD, even on standalone systems with no network.