grub2 trying to mount non-existent drive

I removed a secondary drive from my box and now grub2 spends 1.5 minutes trying to mount it during boot-up What is the simplest way to avoid this?

Thanks in advance.

Remove it from /etc/fstab

I doubt that Grub looks in /etc/fstab of any of the systems it may want to boot from. I doubt even that Grub “mounts” a file system.

It may try to use partitions to boot from when they are mentioned in Grub’s configuration. Thus first check that config.

It’s probably not grub doing that.

Check for any references to that drive. Look in “/etc/fstab” and in “/etc/default/grub”. Maybe also in “/etc/crypttab” if you are using crypto.

If you find any references, remove them. And, in that case, run “mkinitrd” to rebuild the “initrd”. And maybe run

grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg

to regenerate the grub configuration.

Problem solved. The “resume” instruction in the boot loader was set as “resume=/dev/sdb1 splash=silent quiet showopts” while sdb1 no longer existed. So it was checking for a non existent drive which resulted in 90 seconds of delay. Once changed to sda1 everything returned to normal.

Thanks for all the advice.