Grub2 Menu Screen

I am sandboxing with 12.2 on a spare HDD… working OK so far but one thing is the boot menu screen, only 12.2 on it ATM. The menu screen is horrible, looks like an 8 year-old drew it with some crayons. The menu screen with 11.4 was much nicer. Is this a price to pay with GRUB2? Or Nouveau vs NVidia driver? Or some setting I have not found yet? BTW, I am not talking about the ‘Plymouth’ loading routine, which is quite pleasing, the little cloud things coalescing in to the loaded success icons… nice IMHO (when the OS is loading properly, it is a PITA when there are snags!)

And another thing, is it possible to take a sceenshot of the menu screen?

Its possible to change the colors as the actual default is blank and white I think. This is how Grub 2 looks except for setting its colors. If you are running openSUSE in a VM, you can do a screen capture in the host, but else, just get your camera out and snap a digital picture of your monitor and post the results. I can say that loading a proprietary video driver has no effect on the opening grub 2 screen as no kernel has been loaded yet, but the display is supposed to be real generic at first except for color selections. I do have a nice Grub 2 bash script you can find here:

GNU Grub2 Command Help/Config Editor - Version: 1.85 - Blogs - openSUSE Forums

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Thank-you James… So good that some of the openSuse gurus are still about and giving advice to us lesser mortals…

I am always happy to help and consider we all had to start somewhere and knowing little.

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He he , I have been wrestling with openSuse for four years, and know little more than I did when I started. It seems that is another of those talents I simply do not have… There must surely be something for which I have some kind of aptitude? < not a reference to other, lesser distro’s btw :slight_smile:

Well it is hard to say if you really want or need to be a openSUSE master, if there is such a thing. I have found trying to help others with their issues helps you learn more as well. This is what I would suggest to you as you will never know where it might lead.

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