Grub2 Menu multi screen boot

Hello all,

I have been trying to find help online and on #suse for this problem.

my system has 2xDVI screens and a HDMI TV output. I am using ATI HD7700 with AMD drivers installed OS: OpenSuse 13.2_x64

I am doing dual boot with Windows 7 and everything works fine, except.

My Bios splash screen appears in my DVI until “LoadingGrub…” then it changes to HDMI output (during Grub2 menu) and finally when X starts (login) it comes back to DVI.

Is there anyway to see the Grub2 menu on DVI screen? I have set up the DVI as default monitor (as root) but no help. I have changed my BIOS primary display between PCI and PEG but nothing changed.

Thank you for your comments

I think it is a BIOS issue Grub goes where the BIOS tells it to.

Thank you for the reply, but one question why does the “loading Grub” message shows in a DVI screen and after that moves to HDMI ? does the BIOS change parameters here???

One possibility is that grub selects video mode that is only possible on HDMI output. Just guessing. Could you go to grub command line (press ‘c’ when grub menu appears), execute

set pager=1

and upload pictures to pager=1 makes it pause output on every full screen, output may be long and take several.

Hello arvidjaar,

I have tried what you suggested, I can’t upload photos to susepaste(?)

here is the output: I see the "Preferred mode : 1920 x 1080 is there something here?

Why? It always worked. You need to select “Image file” for Language (it is a bit confusing).

here is the output: I see the "Preferred mode : 1920 x 1080 is there something here?

Well, it also shows which driver(s) it is using; there may be something that catches attention.

Thanks for the tip I didn’t see how to upload photos. I have to resize them(!) but from the post before could you suggest something?

Anyone has any idea?

Hi again,

I don’t know if anyone is looking at this thread but it seems I managed it to work by a very very simple (!!!) step.

I had to edit grub line " GRUB_GFXMODE=auto" to a resolution that my DVI screens can support to test I did GRUB_GXFMODE = 1280x1024

It seems “auto” chooses the highest res available of all screens…

Then you just have to re-compile Grub and you’re good to go