GRUB2 Low resolution

sorry for my english

  1. openSUSE Leap 42.2 fresh install with format system partition. Prev user (from 42.1) in home partition.

  2. Motherboard - GIGABYTE GA-J1900N-D3V, processor Intel® Celeron™ J1900, Onboard Graphics - Integrated in the SoC, DVI-D port, supporting a maximum resolution of 1920x1080, monitor LG Flatron IPS234.

  3. BIOS in LEGACY mode:

  4. GRUB2 bootloader settings in Yast, Plasma:

  5. My problem - Grub menu in low resolution: If Grub in text mode, vbeinfo show preferred mode 1920*1080
    Change resolution in Yast - no effect.

Next booting process in normal resolution - 1920*1080. KDM, Plasma - no problem with 3D effects:

Please, help me with Grub menu graphics mode, if possible.

Generally speaking,
When the system first boots and until it starts to load your Desktop (If you set to login manually), Grub will load a VESA driver and default resolution will be whatever your hardware supports.

You can modify grub.cfg (I think that’s where the setting is) to set a non-default resolution, but your setting will still be subject to the capabilities of your hardware.

So, the question then becomes whether you have some special reason to need the resolution to be higher during your early boot since later when the more capable video driver(replacing the VESA driver) is loaded, you’ll almost certainly have the higher resolution for your working environment.

BTW - I doubt you have a SoC, those are generally found in embedded boards, not a Desktop motherboard.


Thanks for reply!

Nevertheless, it is desktop system. But not this main thing.

The reason, maybe, and not special, consists that has just got used to see the menu in the graphic mode of high resolution of the previous version - 42.1

Show your grub.cfg after changing resolution.

Му grub.cfg after change from “auto” to “1920x1080”

Yes, grub.cfg looks OK. So do I understand correctly that grub2 from 42.1 sets this resolution and grub2 from 42.2 does not? Then this is regression and you should open bug report; would be good to post number here.

I am agree, too it seems so to me that it is regress.

I never before open bug reports, and l will not be going to make it. If there is no simple decision, I will switch the Grub menu to the text mode.

Thanks to all who responded!

I have this same issue on a laptop that was upgraded from 42.1 to 42.2 (zypper dup)

I have not looked in to it yet, but I dare say I will in time

All new installations are perfect

Little experiment

Boot from usbstick with Leap 42.2 image

  1. BIOS in legacy mode

    Grub menu for installation in medium resolution graphics legacy mode

  2. BIOS in compound mode (legacy & uefi, disk in legacy first mode)
    For usbstick select uefi (!!!)

    Grub menu for installation in high resolution mode (!)
    Option “Boot from harddisk” present (!!!) fantastic…

But normal boot from hard drive still in low res

This is not grub2, it is syslinux.

Grub menu for [EFI] installation in high resolution mode (!)

grub2 relies on platform firmware and video firmware for BIOS and EFI can well be different.

But normal boot from hard drive still in low res

Just to make it clear - you mean normal boot in EFI mode or legacy BIOS mode? Also are you sure the difference is not due to different graphic themes used by installer and after installation?

Ok, I choose (at end of all) default settings BIOS for my m/b - compatibility mode (UEFI and legacy) with UEFI for storage devices.

Start install from DVD media.
Very good install menu screen in graphics mode 1920*1080
Next process is ok (in string “linuxefi” i added language=ru_RU)
Create NEW user.
Note: my m/b have 2 video ports - VGA and DVI. With DVI cable I get black screen (monitor out) after beginning of install process, so I used VGA connection and install system without problem. May be, this is hardware issue of my m/b or driver for intel onboard graphics.

System installed successfully. What’s a wonderfull life!!!

GRUB2-EFI installed, grub menu is ok, hires.

Since 11.1, yet it was never succeeded to be updated without the subsequent pure installation.

Then I restore my home data from backup.