grub2 issue on cloned OpenSuse13.1 VM (UUID)

Hi all

I just cloned an OpenSuse 13.1 virtual machine and found out, that it didn’t boot anymore because of the changed UUIDs of the disk (LVM-based).

Searching through the forums i found that i uncomment this line

#GRUB_DISABLE_LINUX_UUID=truein /etc/default/grub

and then do a

grub2-mkconfig-o / boot/grub2/grub.cfg

I did that but this doesn’t work at all. After cloning the template to a new VM it still doesn’t boot. What can i do now?



Besides grub you have to also fix /etc/fstab to point to new drive

Note if you setup to use labels cloning is much simpler. Down side with using labels you must assign unique labels to each partition. Also you can not mount a cloned partition from the parent because of the label name clash.


My /etc/fstab has static entries like /dev/system/root (lvs).
And i don’t want labes because of the problems you described. Please just tell me how i set it up so that the normal /dev/system/root and /dev/system/swap names are used and not this UUID stuff.

That is labels ie you assign a label to each partition then in Yast partitions you can set label and chnage the way it mounts.You also should either redo grub or you can make the change in Yast boot once you have labels assigned. Labels can be any string. You can’t mount partitions with the same label string at the same time because of the name clash

If You need to be able to mount partitions with the same label name I suggest that once you have the clone running you change the labels to reflect it’s clonyness ( maybe ad a number) Then you could mount the same partition at the same time because they would have different names

You should have posted in the Virtualization forum, you may even find that a thread already exists that describes your problem and solution in detail.

In any case,
You need to identify exactly what virtualization you’re using and your method of cloning.

Despite all the problems others have experienced, I’ve never had a problem with cloning a Guest and the clone unable to boot due to non-working disk paths… But then I always use recommended cloning tools.

And that is working with KVM/libvirt, VMware and Virtualbox.


gogalthorp, how do we go about doing this labeling? iv checked yast but im a little confused on how to do it.

And why do you think it has anything to do with grub in the first place? Start with explaining at which step you get the error.

disregard my last post, i found the solution. check this post

Yep, ideally if you want a system that can be clone i suggests to use the labels in fstab and once it is up and running on the other machines you can do whatever you want with it :slight_smile: