Grub2 Fails

Hi having a problem with Grub. I have an internal drive with win 7 and in esata drive with opensuse 13.1. right now it boots from my internal drive which i don’t want. when i change the boot loader to load from my esata drive i get the follow error grub error unknown file system. i select my esata drive from the bios.


Selecting from the BIOS doesn’t matter. You need to change the diskorder in Yast’s bootloader config.

Thanks for the reply, but i don’t see how that could work, seeing i don’t want grub on my windows partition. all other Linux distro’s i have been able to boot from my external esata drive.
I should also note i swapped my windows drive out with an old drive i had, just in case i didn’t want to lose anything. when i got my Linux drive set up i was going to swap it back.


I have a blog post on how to install openSUSE 13.1 on an external hard drive. Please have a look at it here:

Installing openSUSE 13.1 onto an External Hard Drive

Please let me know if you have any questions on the subject.

Thank You,

Thanks I’ll give it a try.