J’ai actuellement Opensuse et Windows XP d’installer sur mon PC, j’ai installer Opensuse en deuxiéme il a donc installer son Grub, le souci c’est que par défaut ces Opensuse qui démarre si je ne change pas le choix au bout de 8 sec.
Je voudrais savoir si quelqu’un saurait me communiquer la commande à taper pour pouvoir editer le grub pour mettre xp en premier. Merci

Salut Stargate, the forum language is English. My french is not very good, but what I think you wrote is:

You have installed XP and opensuse on your PC and would like to boot to XP as the default.

You can do this in opening Yast->system->bootloader configuration-> now you should now see all of the boot options you have. Select (click on) XP and then on the button “set as standard”. Click on “finish”. On the next boot XP should be the default.

You also mentioned the 8 second waiting period. This can also be changed if needed.

Hope you understand this.

You can also edit /boot/grub/menu.lst

The options are fairly obvious.

Make a backup first!