Grub with OpenSUSE 11

Here’s my problem. I was running OpenSUSE 10.3 and Vista (for the media center, no Linux driver for my TV card yet) on my comp just fine. I just installed OpenSUSE 11 and now GRUB crashes on reboot showing an “ERROR 2”.

While booting from the install DVD, when I select “boot from hard drive”, GRUB loads fine and both Operating systems work.

Any ideas why?

Thanks for any info,

Hi – reinstall Grub, GoTo Yast → system → bootloader → other → propose new configuration → wait until it stops thinking → activate tab “bootloader installation” → make it “fom the MBR” → finish.

Then you should be able to reboot to Suse and probably also to vista. If not to vista there’s one more step, but wait and see.


Thanks for the response, but I’m so happy wit openSUSE 11 I’m going to ditch Vista and run everything I need with either Wine or a VirtualBox running XP.

Great work!!!

Those last few things I still need from the windows era I run in a windows installation in VMware free server – works for me. But I do have windows computers still – an economic reality.