Grub Unknown filesystem

Hi. Im new to the forum, still having the count long ago
My problem is the next> I had opensuse 13.1 installed on my notebook samsung np270 for a year aprox. But yesterday I wanted to install windows7 and run both. I couldnt partition with Gparted so I just put the windows7 iso and hoped to partition from there, in the installation. But I commited the mistake of runing the installation over the ext4 partition where I had my data and thougt it was going to get formatted, soy I click on the cancel icon y and close the installation. Then in the reboot, voila, the system redirects right to the grub with the message

unknown filesystem
rescue GRUB>

I have tried some methods but all are related to another OS, like mint, ubuntu or windows itself. Im very losed here, at least I want to recover my data, but I dont know any recover software running on knoppix actually using it. Any help to solve this trouble is very, very welcomed. :):):slight_smile:

ps> sorry for the redaction, the keyboard is unconfigured so I cant spell many symbols, and english is not my native language either.

Your obvious choice is

You definitely screwed the pooch. Windows does not know or care about any other OS except itself. Never use it to change/move/re-size any other type of file system. So a little hind sight You could have used Yast to re-size and move the partitions as needed. Also maybe you could have run Windows in a Virtual machine like VirtualBox. Also BTW never ever do modifications to partitions with out backing up first . These things happen and you now have some serious rescuing to do. I concurs with John and say get you a rescue disk. DO NOT CHANGE OR MODIFY ANYTHING else until you get the data off the drive.

… also, one should NEVER, EVER, ABSOLUTELY EVER do such things without FIRST doing a backup.:frowning: