GRUB stage1.5 error 17 -HP Mini 5101 netbook

I recently bought an HP Mini 5101 (netbook), with SUSE pre-installed. I booted it up and began setup, but had to leave for an appointment and turned off the computer (I had not completed setup, which is what I think the problem stems from). When I came back and turned it on again, the computer began to load GRUB stage1.5, only to encounter error 17 (Cannot mount selected partition). I have restarted a few times to no avail, as each time the computer stops at this same point.

This is my first Linux experience, so it would be accurate to say that I am a bit lost. Any help would be very much appreciated!

Grub error 17 is:
Cannot mount selected partition
This error is returned if the partition requested exists, but the filesystem type cannot be recognized by GRUB

You don’t say at which part of the setup you killed the power, so it’s difficult to say what went wrong.
Since you are setting up for the first time, it’s probably quickest to reinstall suse. Did you get any recovery media or instructions? (Most hp pc’s come with a recovery partition and a means of revering the original install, so look at the hp docs or their website for manufacturer specific instructions.) These will be similar to their windows pcs and quite simple to do - the only thing is that you are installing linux.
This time don’t kill the power till after setup has finished!

No problem…use the original suse linux enterprise 11 dvd and reinstall it or download opensuse 11.1 and replace the old software…

Its the same like the installation of windows…

  1. Use a extern usb-dvd-player and change the boot order in the bios (i think you should press F10 or F12 to get in the bios)->“first boot from usb-dvd-rom”->“save and exit”

a) Install SLE 11 (this will work 100% whitout drivers, only install and work) or

b) openSUSE 11.1 (maybe you have to start yast or and search “Broadcom” (wireless-driver) and then install your driver…)! I only know that HP 5101 has a Broadcom, but i dont know what chip is in it… i have on my HP 2133 a BMC 4311 and on the HP 2140 a BMC 4322.

To check the chip:
open a terminal/console and tip in:
su (enter)
(your root password) (enter)
lspci (enter)

If you have any questions or if anything dosent work nice…ask in this forum… :wink:

This looks for me, like you ****ed the mount-point…a new installation would help! I m sure, that hp sent you a SLE 11 dvd…use this if your afraid of get openSUSE 11.1 to work! But…i would taste openSUSE 11.1 if i were you…

I checked the box thoroughly and they did not send any recovery software, so I’m going to contact HP and have them send it. In the meantime I will look into using openSUSE 11.1 as well.

Thank you!

The SLE11 and openSUSE 11.1 are the same code base and running the same
kernel :slight_smile:

@ohnoitsTDawg if you don’t have any luck with HP, SLED11 is a free
download, just a different registration number to use when registering
online. If you check out the SLED forums at
there are posts on how to register your system to get updates.

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To speed things up, get a live cd distro on usb and look at the partition table. HP usually put a recovery partition with the original system there. How you recover it is somewhere on the hp site or phone support. (the hp site asks for your serial no to carry on - search for HP Mini 5101 on

Since it’s a netbook, it probably doesn’t have a cd/dvd drive.

Didn’t i say “use a usb-dvd-drive”?? :wink: