Grub reports unsupported hw

I tried to install 11.3 ms1 tonight and hit a show-stopper (for me).
Regardless of the disk format/position I try to install to, I cannot get
the installer to stop complaining about “unsupported combination of
hardware platform X86-64 and bootloader Grub”. HW is AMD64 Athlon X2 3600+
with Nvidia chipset/graphics and 3Gb RAM. I realize this may be getting a
tad long in the tooth but I have no problems up through 11.2 - what is this
telling me?

Will Honea

Was this the DVD?
If yes, did you try the live CD.

So far I only used the CD (kde) - works a dream.

This seems to be a known bug:

vodoo wrote:

> This seems to be a known bug:

Ah, so. I was beginning to think Murphy had moved in to stay.

Will Honea