Grub questions

Hi. A few days ago I saw a laptop running OpenSUSE at the local church and because of a kernel panic it got rebooted, when I saw it booting I noticed that grub didn’t show the usual 5 lines of text it normally spits after selecting the boot option, but before the bootsplash comes. And it made me curious, is it some sort of OpenSUSE-only trick that cannot be used in vanilla grub? becuase I have never seen grub work as smooth as what I saw in that box. And if it is, how do the user activate it.
P.D: Sorry if it sounds weird (the “OpenSUSE-only mention”) it’s just that I have been through quite a lot of distros and I have never seen in anyone grub going from menu to kernel without dropping this odd text to throws, only SuSE (9,9.1,10) and now an OpenSUSE box had this smoothness in grub.

It may be an artifact of how it happened; if you use the KDE option to pre-select the GRUB option when rebooting, everything is much smoother. Presumably a managed kernel panic should be able to use the same facility to specify the GRUB option when rebooting.

Lo que quise decir es que en la mayoria de las distros tan pronto tú seleccionas la entrada correspondiente al sistema operativo te sale esto:
antes de que empieze a arrancar.
Pero en los sistemas SuSE y OpenSuSE que mencioné esta parte (que gran coincidencia) no sale y en lugar de esto el arranque va directo del menú a la pantalla de arranque verde.
P.D: El pantallazo lo tomé de una VM de VirtualBox a pantalla completa.

Sorry for posting in spanish (my native language). What I meant is that the picture in my previous post shows the text messages that most distros show after you press enter at the grub menu, but before the kernel is loaded. Which “by mere coincidence” doesn’t appear in the *suse boxen I mentioned earlier.
Obviously I wanted to know if that is a propietary patch found only in *suse distros or if it’s something that the church’s sysadmin did to those PC’s.