grub + pwrd login problem upgrade 10.2->10.3

After upgrading from opensuse 10.2 to 10.3 became this:
grub doesn’t find the right way how to boot
trying from hd2,2 must be hd0,2

I can fix this problem manually

pwrd login screen fills automatically with black dots which I can NOT remove, so the user cannot login

several tricks can be used to counter this problem, but this is not the right way for the average user to do.

Used ctrl F7 + ctrl F8 and back ctrl F7 after which the problem was solved for this time
Used console login and started the GUI with startx worked also fine.

But not done by the average user…

Did anyone had these same problems?


As it’s for the dummys in the family I made a fresh install and the problems noted above are no longer…