GRUB placement to a different location

Hi folks,

I want to install 11.1 Live KDE at my old PC (Cel-1.7, RAM 256, double HDD 40 Gb each).

sda runs Win2K, therefore I want Linux at sdb.

Due to slow system I have to install via /sbin/yast2 live-installer (despite having 2Gb swap assigned graphics seem to ignore it and get stuck).

GRUB wants to be written to MBR of /dev/sda, but I want it at /boot of /dev/sdb (or at least at MBR of /dev/sdb) to play with loading from BIOS chosing proper HDD.

Can anyone advise how to proceed?

Thanks in advance.

Don’t worry, let grub install to hda. Your Windows mbr will still be intact and it will give you windows as a boot choice.

Thanks, but hda contains pretty sensitive data, that’s why I want to avoid playing with MBR.

Any way to force GRUB to install the way I have specified above?

Not to worry, it won’t mess up the disc. Grub only writes a pointer to the bootloader. As long as you leave the winxp partitions alone, you won’t lose your data.
suse is pretty good at recognising other systems and will add a boot option for them.
Putting grub on another partition is worthless unless you can actually boot from the disk. Usually the boot disc is the first partition of the master drive, so unless your bios allows you to choose a different disc to boot from, it won’t work.
In the old days, you could install lilo to a floppy and use this to boot. You could probably still use lilo and not install grub as a boot loader.
You will have to do it manually, so read up on lilo first.