Grub, Opensuse 11.1, KDE4 reboot problem

Hello everyone!

I have installed OS11.1 x64, latest updates. Despite some bugs in KDE, bluetooth and constant crashes of yast2, everything seemed to work OK.

I have a double-boot system, with OpenSuse 11.1 64bit (+failsafe and xen) and Vista. I used both systems and grub worked fine. But once I chose the reboot option in KDE and selected the desired OS to boot - Vista. My PC rebooted, Vista stared OK. But when I turned on my PC again the grub boot screen did not appear and Vista loaded automatically. So it did each time I booted, rebooted and reseted PC. I appeared that grub was on place, and worked, but somehow it remembered my choice once and booted Vista each time.

The thing that helped me, was reinstalling grub via installation DVD’s system restore option and rebooting PC twice :slight_smile:

So, use the reboot options at your own risk anyway!!!