GRUB -- Not able to boot 11.3

I installed 11.3 as a new install over 10.3, kept the $home and windows partitions, and let it reformat the other two partitions. NO disk partitioning structure was changed.

I did get a warning that GRUB over 128GB might not be able to boot.

I did enable the MBR.

GRUB menu does come up, but upon selection of SUSE 11.3 entry the computer screen blanks, and nothing happens. Selecting Windows does work upon power-up.

I did not have this 128GB issue with 10.3. What are my options? I am really afraid to install 11.3 on production machines now (running 11.2).

Thanks in advance.

A bit more info.

I did try the command line “boot” from grub. I see bunch of text scroll off the screen, glimmer of a graphical startup screen before everything turns blank.

I guess your existing /home file system is ext3. Theoretically that should not be a problem. However opensuse and KDE has changed quite a bit since 10.3. What I would try:
At grub menue select failsafe…see if this works…analyse your system
At Grub boot with nomodeset 3 the system should start and ask for login. try your existing usersaccount login. I have the feeling that might not work!!!
…so if it does not , login as root, type yast…, create new user account, and copy your /home/yourusername data into /home/yourNEWusername/ .
Hope you have enough disk space.

The problem could be video related. Just before you select the normal kernel load for openSUSE 11.3, type in the option command nomodeset and press enter. Let us know if you can see a video picture then. If this works, we need to know more about your video system, card, chipset, and what ever else you can tell us about your computer.

Thank You,