Grub Menu Graphic for 13.2 and modified window available here

I’ve created a 13.2 Grub menu graphic to accompany the Grub Menu script I wrote (further modified for the weird path in 13.2)
All versions of my Grub menu script can be found here (currently 12.3, 13.1 and 13.2 milestone)

Running the script does the following, and improves the Grub menu in the following ways

  • Makes a backup of the previous grub menu configuration file. Note that this does not test for the <original> config file although I cannot fathom why anyone would be happier with the default. If you run this script a second time, it will overwrite whatever existing backup exists, so if you want to preserve the original you need to rename the backup file (theme.txt.orginal) to something else. See the paths in the script for where these files can be found.
  • Enlarges the grub menu window so you can see the <entire entry> including the kernel version.
  • Installs a new graphic which accommodates the enlarged menu window (does not remove the original graphic if someone wants to use the original instead).

Note that for 13.2 milestone 0, someone decided to modify the path but I wouldn’t expect the new path to be used indefinitely. For that reason, I don’t expect this script to work in future 13.2 development or final versions… When the path is corrected to the standard path this 13.2 milestone script as I expect, this script will simply not work, but no worry. I cannot think of a prospective change that would cause a system to become unbootable, the only expected result is that the User will see the original, default Grub menu instead of the expected changes. When the path changes, I will release a modified script that reflects changing back to the standard paths (as expected).


Thank you for your time and to move the logo at the top space is clever but to save more space I think the progress bar should get away and instead the logo should pulsate with a small message ticker.