Grub Login Screen trying to install

So I used DD and image writer to no avail:

sudo dd if=Downloads/openSUSE-Leap-42.2-DVD-x86_64.iso of=/dev/sdb bs=4M status=progress
4384096256 bytes (4.4 GB, 4.1 GiB) copied, 257.804 s, 17.0 MB/s
1045+1 records in
1045+1 records out
4384096256 bytes (4.4 GB, 4.1 GiB) copied, 918.049 s, 4.8 MB/s

I boot from USB drive and just get booted (no pun intended) to the grub menu. Anyone come across this with a USB drive? I don’t have a DVD writer handy.

Also checked and made sure “secure-boot” is turned off in the BIOS

So what is your question? If you want to install, select corresponding boot menu entry.

sorry, i don’t get a menu or anything, just the “grub>” prompt. I have been able to boot Fedora and LinuxMint as a live USB drive, but not opensuse from USB. I want to stick to OpenSuSE but I wanted to go back to real releases instead of Tumbleweed due to too many kernel/video quirks.

I’ve opened a bugzilla on this #Bug 1037392]( my desktop at work is currently dead in the water because Tumbleweed installed on it keeps blinking the screen. I cannot continue to have these disruptions, yet I want to stay with OpenSUSE. Hence, my wanting to install Leap. Other OS’s boot fine, but I want to stay with SuSE. Hopefully I’ll hear back with a good ISO or procedure.