Grub login now offers login to :UEFI firmware -- not available historically

Minor observation, just noticed that now there is a grub login option on main screen to go back to “UEFI firmware” at login; at least on my system. Selecting that does go back to bias/uefi screens. Don’t remember ever seeing that before. But, most times when rebooting, I am not even at the computer to even see grub options so I don’t know when this happened but I don’t recollect ever seeing this before.

This is handy though for if you are too late selecting F2 or other key to go into bias/uefi settings upon reboot you can now go back to that without another restart.

Not really critical but does anyone know how this option might have gotten into grub menu?

thanks, tom kosvic

That is not a login option. It is a boot option.

Probably programmed in by someone who thought:

I stand corrected. grub presents boot options. But again, I never remember seeing the UEFI firmware available as a grub option. There were only openSUSE default, recovery, perhaps an older version - default and recovery, and windows boot options.

I have that already on LEAP 15.4 and just accepted it is a new feature.

I guess whatever process was changed to add UEFI to login menu in grub was also added to 15.4 repos.
I too think it is a useful feature. Oftimes I miss the time window to activate boot menu. Now you have a second chance.