Grub lockup - sort of

I have an openSUSE 11.1 box that recently had a kernel update. The behavior, though, is odd enough that I don’t think it has much to do with that.

My system rebooted, but GRUB seems locked up. I can’t use the keyboard to change selections from the standard to failsafe or anything like that. I can’t use the function keys to select video mode or language or any of the other options at the bottom of the graphical boot menu. However, the numlock key lights when pressed, as does caps and scroll. It accepts C-A-D and reboots just fine. Everything seems to go through POST just as expected. It just seems that GRUB refuses to take input. It also won’t move beyond the graphical menu after the default timeout, either. No little countdown indicator.

Any suggestions? Tomorrow I will try re-installing GRUB from the CD to see if that helps.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.