"grub loading step 1.5, grub loading please wait, error 22".

Using the live CD opensuse 11.00 , i had installed dual boot with windows xp pro sp2.
I wanted to remove the opensuse os, so I used Gparted to delete the opensuse partitoon.

But now win xp doesn’t stat up, with the following message: “grub loading step 1.5, grub loading please wait, error 22”.

My aim is to come back to old situation :disk drive 160 GB, before installing dual boot.

Thanks in advance,

There is an option to “repair the MBR” (Master Boot Record) on the Windows XP install CD. Boot from the CD and use it.:wink:
In addition, I suppose you’ll want to resize your Windows partition back to its original size (to occupy the entire disk); you may achieve that using almost any live linux distro containing a partition editor (Knoppix, Ubuntu…)

thank you for the replay, but i cannot start from ubuntu CD, i get the error:
frequencies not supported.

I suppouse this is related to my TFT screen ?


You FIRST repair the MBR with your original Windows XP CD; if that repairs your Windows install (i.e. if you can boot into Windows again), THEN you proceed to enlarge your Windows partition. Maybe you have access to other partitioning tools if Ubuntu won’t boot? Anyway, that’s something you’ll worry about later; FIRST try to repair your Windows installation - if it’s not repairable, you’ll have to reinstall Windows anyway (and repartition the drive in the process).