GRUB / LILO install failed 3x

I have been trying to get 11.0 to install for the past week. My first install was on a Virtual machine on an x86 windows Vista box, which succeeded. I had to download the DVD 3 times in order to get the MD5 to verify, and tested it on that virtual machine. Since it passed and i could boot into Gnome, i figured the DVD was good.

I formatted the drive on my 3.06 ghz P4 Gateway 7330gz notebook, and tried the install. It succeeded on everything except the bootloader. I tried installing GRUB and LILO both multiple times with every different configuration option i could think of. It was useless. Then i tried to install it on my Core 2 duo desktop (x64 Vista Ultimate dual boot) on my tertiary (3rd) hard disc, and the bootloaders failed again, telling me that the partitions did not exist. I tried again on an xp machine, with only 1 hdd, and it failed yet again.

I have read through most of the user guides and FAQs i could find, tried multiple different configurations, tried installing from the Live CD… nothing has worked (other than the virtual machine).

I am open to any suggestions you all would have.

If the disc worked in a virtual machine, then it should elsewhere, which is the conclusion you came to.

It has to be something connected with your setup and HD layout.

During setup of the install when you get the final proposal before the install starts - click on the bootloader section in the proposal list and you can double check all the settings there.

Ideally, you will be installing Grub to MBR
Depending on how many drives you have it will be sda or sdb

If you are unsure, post back with info about all your HD’s and partitions and other OS’s involved.