Grub issue?

I am dual booting Linux mint with opensuse leap but when I invoke Mint at grub start I then find that Grub has been hijacked and on a subsequent boot opensuse does not even appear in the Grub menu. Cannot figure this. Any help would be appreciated.
Regards Fergus B.

It sounds to me that you’ve loaded grub and /boot folder in both systems and Mint doesn’t pick up opensuse when it updates so it takes over. Do you have a /boot folder in each system?
If so, I find the easiest way is to keep grub in the system you want it to be in and remove it from the other system.
Make sure you can actually boot before you remove anything.
Once you’re in the system you want, make sure you have osprober working and run grub2-mkconfig (or grub-update, I think, in Mint).
Then just make sure that the other system doesn’t load grub again with future updates.

If you don’t have 2 grubs then I’m at a loss.

EFI or MBR?? Which OS do you want to control boot?

Generally the last OS installed controls boot unless you override. How depends on the boot method EFI or MBR

Grub does not auto pickup other OS’s you need to run a utility to scan for foreign OS to add to grub menu.

Sorry. I always forget about the EFI/MBR thing because I don’t have an EFI motherboard. My suggestion was based on MBR.

Hi Pete

Many thanks for your very prompt response. I got back into Opensuse 42.2 and reconfigured the Bootloader as it appeared to be set to Root partition and not MBR. All working now as normal.
You certainly put me on the right track - Best Regards,