GRUB issue after updates

I don’t know which of about 3 places this question should go, but let’s start here. :slight_smile:

As noted in other threads, I had a problem with the plasma desktop disappearing. I did several zypper up, some of which had problems getting kde 4.2 stuff. So, I aborted some updates and skipped others. The result was my grub menu has multiple entries for opensuse and failsafe. They all list the same kernel.

The first 3 or 4 entries point to hd(0,0) and won’t boot. The last entry points to (or it DID point to) hd(0,1) and it does boot. My plan was to delete the incorrect entries from menu.lst but then I thought maybe I should delete the entries via yast–>system–>bootloader. Then, I wondered if doing that would change menu.lst and I should not manually edit menu.lst.

So, I went into bootloader, as described, and checked it out but canceled before any changes were made. As, I deleted the entries pointing to hd(0,0), the corresponding failsafe entry dropped to the bottom of the list. However, when it does that, the hd(0,0) entry disappears from each line that moves. I don’t know which failsafe to delete. Worse, I don’t see the hd(0,1) anymore, although picking the last item (not failsafe) in the grub menu boots normally.

How do I clean up this mess?

Try start from scratch and have yast propose a new configuration

Sounds like the nuclear option… but it just might work!

If not, what’s plan B?

Broom is a good tool for that;) Just kidding.
Just a thought, Did you add the desktop,extra and community repos. If you go to Index of /repositories/KDE:/KDE4:, it’s better to use the factory rather than the unstable. When I upgraded to 4.2 I never had a dependency except for one app.

Plan B can be wiping-out the whole opensuse 11.1. Just joking