Grub/Installation problems using a Sata Raid array

hello all,

perhaps you can help me?

i have long wanted to try Linux and was recomended ubuntu - but after a weekend of trying to install it (installer wouldn’t give me an option to manually partion my drive so as to keep windows - would only let me automatically use the whole drive - + wiped windows + kept getting error messages “grub error message 2 and 17 and 21” etc) it has put me off ubuntu. After spending a weekend of reinstalling windows XP, consulting documentation and forums, doing another install and then repeat from step 1 i am a bit frustrated and disallusioned. But i won’t give up easily.

After trawling the ubuntu forums i get the impression it is to do with my Sata raid array.

My question is - will i get the same problem/s with SUSE?

My system is self built 3 years ago and consists of:

ASUS A8N32-SLI motherboard
AMD Athon 64 x 2 dual core processor
2 gig of memory
2 x Maxtor Sata drives in a Raid array (Stripe)(new - bought last year)using the drivers supplied by the motherboard
Windows XP Home (64) Service Pack 2