grub install problem

right, installing suse for a friend of mine and the install went fine, except the final boot down…it wouldn’t boot down! so i had to hold in the power key and then reboot it, it said no OS, so i went for a system restore and it recognised there was a boot loader problem. the problem is if i click repair it doesn’t recognise the windows vista (yes…i know :stuck_out_tongue: i don’t like it either but it’s not my machine!).

it just says: suse linux
suse linux failsafe.

i can click add, but i don’t know where to start to find what i need to get it to boot windows!

if i click add i get:
clone selected section, image selection, manu selection, chainloader section, or xen section.

which do i choose? :\ then what?

cheers guys!

edit: the windows is on /dev/sda1

Post the output of fdisk -l

You need to choose to chainload the system.

After fdisk -l i’ll tell you what to do next :wink: