grub help please.

Gooday all. First post on the site. I need a little help to get grub working. I have a little experience with Linux and this is my first go at SUSE. I had Mint running well on this machine and when I saw the SUSE download on mt APC mag, I thought I would give it a try too. This is basically my experimental rig so if it all goes to hell in a basket, it’s no biggy. I thought that when I installed I would have the option of choosing SUSE or MINT. That is not the case at the moment, the machine boots straight in to SUSE. If someone could point me in the right direction I would be most grateful. Also I would prefer to run KDE if possible, any help in that direction would also be mightily appreciated.

I don’t know what version of Grub MINT is using. If it’s Grub2, as in Ubuntu, it could not be added automatically to openSUSE Grub menu during setup (same for Ubuntu). You can add the entry manually by editing /boot/grub/menu.lst or using YaST. However there is a nasty bug in zypper at the moment, which removes all non openSUSE kernel boot entries (but doesn’t seem to affect chainloader boot entries) after each kernel update. In any case, make a copy of your /boot/grub/menu.lst as soon as it does what you want.

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I see that hidden inside your GRUB question there is an question about KDE. I do not quite understand it. When you have checked during installation that yoy want KDE installed as your Desktop Environment, you should work with it allready. Or did you install antothet desktop? You are not very specific about that.

If you used, for example, the Gnome liveCD to install openSUSE you can still install KDE through YaST.
navigate to, YaST - software - software management, click ‘view’, then ‘patterns’, tick ‘KDE4 base system’ and ‘KDE4 desktop environment’ then click ‘accept’.
No small collection of packages to download though, so allow plenty of time, or a fast connection.
It appears Mint9 and later use Grub2, I cant help there, I have not used it, I have read that it is a simple repair though.

Here’s a script to convert Ubuntu’s boot entries into legacy Grub format usable by openSUSE: Extracting Ubuntu (Grub2) boot entries.
It might work for Mint boot entries too (if it uses Grub2).