GRUB Freezes after adding SATA Drive

So I installed SUSE 11.1 a few weeks back with two SATA drives and it’s been working great. I recently received another SATA drive and wanted to add the space to my /home directory. I installed the drive and then booted up my computer. It goes through BIOS and POST just fine but when I get to GRUB my computer just hangs there. It doesn’t throw any errors, it just sits until I hard reboot it. If I disconnect the extra SATA drive and then try to boot again everything starts successfully. I’ve done a little bit of searching but couldn’t find much on this problem. I’m pretty new to linux so I could definitely be missing something. Let me know if more details are needed. Any help would be appreciated.

Do actually arrive at a screen like this:

No I do not. The only thing on the screen is the word “GRUB” and that’s it… other then that the screen is completely blank.

When you boot now - without your new HD you have 2 HD’s
You need to enter BIOS and check which HD is first in boot order, do you know how?
Once you know that
Add the new HD and go back to BIOS and make sure Boot HD is still in first place and the new one is last.

Try again.

Ok I’m new here as well.I get past the secren that you posted for him to check.I get to the boot menu however after i select the suse os it stops and hangs on the little iguana logo

try this:


when you hit enter now watch the screen for boot messages

report back

what i did was move the sata cable to the 0 from 6 and it says could not find part 6 how do i get suse to see the hd at master 0 now it was working fine until i messed with it

Either put it back the way it was or explain to me in more detail what you are trying to achieve?
I have no idea how many HD’s you have, installed OS’s, if you use RAID?

i have 2 hd one sata one ide with xp on it i just want it to boot back to suse again ,I moved the port because it was on port 6 and i wanted it on 0 for the sata i’ll just move it back so it will boot le tme try

caf… I’m not sure what you did or what I did but thanks a lot for your help… really. Here’s what happened:

Disconnected my extra hdd and made sure that SUSE would boot up successfully with just the two drives (it did). Restarted and went into BIOS. Checked the boot order. Re-attached my extra drive. Was about to go into BIOS to check the boot order again, but I missed it because I was preoccupied. Next thing I know I’m looking at the login screen. So I’m not entirely sure what I did. I connected the drives exactly the same way I did before. Can’t confirm it but I do believe it was a boot order issue. Anyway SUSE sees the drive and everything is working fine.

Thanks again for your help.

Well done. I just gave you a nudge in the right direction;)