GRUB faulty

Help! Way back I loaded a corrupt CDROM - failed to check first as I
trusted the source. Now I can’t get rid of the bloody thing. The system
is working somewhat which allows me to get on line, but the task bar
changes widgets around, have to configure help every time I go to it and
icons don’t align on screen. Tried LVM and it worked for a while, but
don’t trust it that way. Any suggestions? >:)


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You probably haven’t gotten an answer yet because you need to provide
more info.

What was the CD that you think is faulty? What program (or distro or
package, whatever)?

Why is your title, “GRUB faulty?” Are you having trouble booting? Or
just (as you described) with your desktop? Which desktop: Gnome, or

Provide some details and someone here should be able to help.


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I am using KDE. The distro was obtained from the MTN Science Centre here
in Cape Town. Their toaster has normally been reliable, but after
finding setup not reliable, I did a media check and found md5sum wrong.
My fault for not checking first! finding files showed:

01grub usr/share/doc…
99Zgrub usr/lib
grub usr/sbin
nbgrub usr/lib/grub
pxegrub usr/lib/grub

all modified on the original date.

grub boot/
grub usr/lib
grub usr/share/YaST@…

modified on attempt to reload and unsuccessful attempts to delete,
which I guess is right as indicated in commands.

Odd things happen like “Help” requires configuring each time it is
used, icons do not automatically align in alphabetic sequence when
loaded to screen (this happened when I tried LVM). The task bar is not
stable; widgwts normally on the right, gpg, volume, etc are on the left.


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