Grub Failed To Install

I attempted to install OpenSUSE on my iMac. The first run through, I got 3 warnings that I was able to get past. They were related to partitioning, which I had already done in the OS X Disk Utility. I thought that this was the way to do it.

Apparently not, as Grub failed to install.

What would be the easiest way to handle partitioning with OS X on the main partition, and Win 7 on the last, Bootcamp partition? Would it be easier to leave this unpartitioned space, and not mess with it until I’m in the install procedure for Suse?

Appreciate any feedback!

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> Appreciate any feedback!

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i don’t know if any actual Mac gurus using Linux will find your help
request…personally i can’t help at all other than to maybe help you
find previous posts (whose usefulness is unknown to me)…

but, have a look while waiting on the Mac/Linux guru to happen along and
for some unknown reason look into a thread without mac in the
subject…which you should remember to include next time…


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Thanks for the URL.

I had a distribution installed maybe 4 years ago, and it was quite straightforward. There is a specific boot manager for the Mac called rEFIt, which handles the initial startup and selection of which OS to boot. I made the wrong assumption that this would be able to replace Grub within the OS. It does not, apparently.

I can’t, for the life of me, remember which dist it was. Things have changed dramatically since then. Boy, I remember installing on a pc when the GUI component was new, and the command line was all we had.

Well, enough rambling. Off to the URL.

By the way, for general knowledge of anyone reading, OpenSUSE handles the standard drivers for the Mac quite well. The IEEE1394, the bluetooth keyboard and mouse (or trackpad).

I attempted to install Mint last month, and gave up because of the additional drivers I had to load before the actual install.

Kudos to the team on including these. This is a major reason that I started with OpenSUSE to start with, this time!

You need rEFIt to select the partition to boot, then Grub to boot Linux. rEFIt chainloads Grub.


Have a look at this post: Triple Booting Mac OS X.6, openSUSE, and Windows XP on Macbook Pro 7,1

Will keep trying! I know I’ll get it sooner or later. Just common sense, in my world anyway.:slight_smile:

Been in the ‘racket’ since 1973, computing that is. Haven’t met one I can’t beat yet!

Thank you very much!