Grub Errors 16,17,18

when i restart my system some times it shows grub error as 17 or 15 and in that situation used the dvd rescue mode and run the commands

e2fcsk -f /dev/sd1

e2fsck -b 9130 /dev/sda1

but no use
plz tell me any one that how to trouble shoot these grub erros plz tell me commands need to be run there.


  1. Welcome here (see that this is your first post).

  2. There is no mentioning at all about what openSUSE level you are using. Please as all our crystal balls are at summer holiday, we can not guess. :wink:

  3. You say “some times it shows …”. Do you mean that when you just reboot (a few times) it goes away? And then it boots allright one or more times and then the errors are back again?