GRUB Error 22 for RAID 1 settings

Hi all,

ok, i have a server machine without HardRAID, and i wish to install 2 hhd with softRAID 1.

I followed the steps in the article “How to install openSUSE on software RAID” and successful to install the RAID 1 settings on my machine. After the installation, i able to boot in and all work smooth and fine.

The purpose i setup RAID 1 is because i wan to have a backup mirror disk, mean if the first disk spoilt, i can just take out the spoilt one and boot from 2nd hdd. So i did on a testing of take out the first hdd, then let the system boot from 2nd hdd. And now the system popup an error msg “GRUB Error 22”.

any wrong of my steps? or i have missed out some settings? Please help …

Thank you


Hi to all expert,

i have tested to take out the first hdd and let the 2nd hdd boot, and i get the msg mentioned above.

BUT if i took out the 2nd hdd and let the 1st hdd to boot, it able to boot and work smooth. why ? really weird…

can anyone help me?

thank you