Grub Error 16: Inconsistant File Structure

I plan on using EasyBCD and NeoGRUB to multiboot my windows vista PC. The drive layout on my Dell computer came from the factory with a really funky drive lettering scheme. Vista hard drive is drive C: , then second hard drive is D: but then my two CDROM drives get in the mix as E: and F: and finnaly the OpenSUSE drive, G:

I reinstalled openSUSE 11 last night to my computer on (openSUSE install showed it as sdc) with three partitions, Swap, Root, and Home. I checked to installGRUB to boot and I unchecked MBR to sda to save Vista.

All went well and the installtion completed. Now I can’t get back into OpenSUSE.

Launched OpenSUSE install and ran rescue to fire up OpenSUSE and did the following.

  1. logged in and ran GRUB
  2. find /boot/grub/stage1 = shows (hd2,1), like expected
  3. find /boot/grub/stage2 = shows (hd2,1), good
  4. find /boot/message = all good
  5. root (hd2,1) = OK
  6. kernel /boot/vmlinuz = OK
  7. initrd /boot/initrd - and WHAM I get Error 16: inconsistant file system

root says filesystem is ext2fs