grub disappeared at boot

Hi all
I have a laptop EliteBook x360 1030 with bios latest bios versio T93. This laptop has a dual boot with leap 15.3 and win11. Since a couple of days ago all worke fine, now at startup grub does not appear and laptop start only with win11.
I think that problem could be related with UEFI but I cannot find the way to enable “legacy support” and disable UEFI.
Can someone help me please?

Thanks in advance

That’s between you and the BIOS. There are many different flavors of BIOS out there, so it is hard to guess what is needed in your case.

It would have been better to install openSUSE for using UEFI booting.

There could have been a Windows update that affected booting. Are both Windows and openSUSE installed in UEFI mode? If yes, find out what your laptop’s BBS key is and use it during POST. On HP it could be F9 or ESC or both, or something else. Does the menu that results when you use it provide a menu that includes an openSUSE selection? If yes, and it produces a Grub menu, boot normally, then you can use YaST or efibootmgr to make openSUSE the top boot priority again.

Or, just go into BIOS setup, find the HD boot priority section, and make openSUSE first.