grub corrupted after update


I can not boot after reboot -> GRUB ERROR calloc()

Is there a way to keep on working I must recover my computer URGENTLY !

i got oonly grub rescue and there nothing to do

I just thought during zypper update to do not update… I was right !!

it is urgent !!

symbol “grub calloc” not found

I can mount the partition with a rescue disk but grub2-mkconfig doesn’t work
I got grub backups

But I Can’t use them

That’s 4 posts.

We get that it’s a problem.

Somehow, grub was updated but incompletely reinstalled.

Do you use UEFI booting or BIOS/MBR booting?

i don’t know
MBR i think I disabled UEFI on this computer

thank you very mutch I have datas to transfer before midnite :{

Do you have boot media?

The install iso for Leap 15.1 or for Leap 15.2 could work. You will need to boot from some recovery media to fix the problem.

I can’t remember the boot partition I used for grub…

I’m trying to read the last grub.cfg file from teh system partition…

I already did but was stucked… because grub2-mkconfig failed.

rescue system is booting

got hd2,msdos1 as the set root grub directive took pictures of the screen the computer is far away from this one

my messenger name is “hurukan imperial stepper” it may be better

map of partitions is:

hd2 /dev/sdc
hd3 /dev/sdd
hd0 /dev/sdb
hd1 /dev/sda

I have rarely such issue so I’m not efficient at all to troubleshoot.

my fstab shows

/dev/sda6 as /

fdsik -l shows asterisks at “strangely”

/dev/sda1 EFI (100 Mo) but the /boot/efi is empty
/dev/sdc2 Linux

I will try to lead you through it.[/QUOTE]
What’s the output from:

grep LOADER_TYPE /etc/sysconfig

Obviously, you need to change the path depending on where you mounted the root partition.

And are you using “btrfs” for the root file system?

thank you very much for your “psychic support” ^^
I was near the nervous break down ^^

What I did:

Boot with 15.1 usb stick
selected rescue system

mount /dev/sd** (where the system was) /system | mkdir /system
mount --bind /dev /system/dev
mount --bind /proc /system/proc
mount --bind /sys /system/sys

chroot /system
grub2-mkconfig -o grub.cfg

yast -> bootloader -> write generic to mbr

…and I can now send my covid19 charts before midnite ^^

Those steps are about right. If you are using “btrfs” then you also need a “mount -a” before the “chroot”, though it might work without.

I think you are saying that your system is now up and running again.

I confirm ^^
Thank you, I’m suggest to high stress when I can’t sleep at night with those temps… thank you very much !!