Grub console instead of menu at startup


I’ve installed pre-last tumbleweed stable release as a second system (with windows 10), hovewer something went wrong with grub or mbr, so instead of menu with list of available systems there is grub console appears on startup, it’s possible to boot into installed system using it or bootable usb.

I also a little bit confused with root returning (hd0, 6) as far as I have only efi partition on sda 4 and btrfs on sda5.

I’ve chosen legacy boot and right boot order in bios, tried reinstall grub2 and even os itself, that didn’t help. I guess i miss something.

These screenshots cannot be from openSUSE new install. They show grub legacy which is not supported by openSUSE installer since years and they show kernel 3.13, while any current openSUSE version is way past this kernel.

I have old Mint on other drive, however that drive is second in boot order. Thank you for this idea, I’ll check it.